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If you see wildlife in distress, contact Pacific Wildlife Care 543-9453  (pacificwildlifecare.org).

Every year we rescue baby Quail and ducks from the storm sewers. We usually find them when out walking and we see a frantic parent.  It's happened often enough that now we know to check out the drain that is usually close by.   Apparently the moms lead them over the grates & in they fall.   We've had to pull the grates up; get a ladder and get down in the drain to lift the babies out & put them in a safe place so the parents can take over.  The ducks seem to know how many ducklings they have; they always wait till we bring them all up before leading them away.  The Quail aren't that smart!
The Federal Migratory Bird Protection Act of 1918 that protects Swallows.
It is illegal to destroy a completed nest between Feb.15 - Sept.1
Cypress Ridge is a Cliff & Barn Swallow nesting site.  The Swallows return here each year.  They feed on mosquitoes and other bugs and help us have a bug free spring and summer.
Old nests vacated by the birds may be removed after Sept. 1st.
U.C. Davis has information on preventing swallow colonies. 
Go to www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES   Click on pests of homes; then click on Cliff Swallows.
How do you spot a Swallow’s nest?  Look for clumps of mud near the eaves of the house.  Nests under construction may be removed using high power water to knock down the mud – make sure you get all the mud off the house. 
An incomplete nest looks like a quarter or half cup & may have eggs in it.  You may need a ladder to check out the nest. 
If it does not have eggs in it, then you can knock it down.  The Swallows will try to rebuild the nests you knock down so, be diligent about removing the mud before it builds up, but
always check to make sure there are no eggs in the nest.