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Background - The Cypress Ridge Residents & Owners Directory was started by Dennis Rhoads when Cypress Ridge was filling up with residents in the early days. Dennis saw a need for new residents to share phone numbers with each other. Dennis still maintains that directory to this day. It is totally voluntary and many people have gotten used to using it.
Another group started a Cypress Ridge Website, but it was not adequate and people did not use it much. Hence, the directory was not complete. Later on, a new website was developed that better fit the needs of Homeowners Associations. Residents use this website more now and the directory associated with it contains over 700 email addresses. Much information about the happenings around Cypress Ridge is disseminated through email blasts and on the website itself, whereas the Supplemental Resident Directory as no other information other than contact numbers and in some cases, email addressess.
If you wish to be on Dennis' directory, contact him at  rhoadsd@att.net, or 805-481-8798
If you wish to be on the website directory, simply log on and register http://www.cypressridgeoa.org. It doesn't matter if you are an owner or a renter.