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Security Information

Security information for Cypress Ridge Homeowners and Residents

                                  Security In Cypress Ridge Burglary Prevention and Awareness 
  • Cypress Ridge is a Gated Community with a Security Guard on duty from 7am to 8pm, year round.
  • The Security Guard is stationed at the Main Gate, and his/her primary duties are to check in visitors, maintain the “Gate Key” system, maintain the “Door King Keypad” system, issue parking  passes and review the video images on the monitor  from the cameras that are  located at our three  gated vehicle entrances and exits.
  • The Cameras are functional and operational on a 24/7 basis and have recording capabilities.
  • The Guard also patrols our community and checks the Golf Course buildings along with any vacation “Home Watch” houses, between 8 & 9pm. They check out any suspicious activities and report them in their nightly log, which is reviewed for follow up. They do not carry any weapons and have no authority to arrest anyone. They will call the Sheriff or the Highway Patrol if needed.
  • If any resident feels threatened by any situation they should call the Sheriff, and then notify the Security Guard, when on duty.
  • All emergency services agencies that service our area have gate access.
  • The Cypress Ridge Owners Association Board of Directors does not have the authority or the responsibility to protect residents or their property. You as an owner or resident have that responsibility.
  • The CROA Board of Directors will notify residents of problems or threats to the community when they are aware of them and feel it will be beneficial to our residents.
  • It is important that you register your email address on our website  at www.cypressridgeoa.org to receive  information regarding  any problems or other happenings within Cypress Ridge Owners Association.
  • Through  our website you w ill al so be able to report  incidents  via email, that happen to you or your property, along with suggestions  to improve our quality of life here in Cypress Ridge. These will go to our Management Company and the CROA Board of Directors for action.


  • The Main entrance gate is secured 24/7 and can be opened anytime by your gate clicker. Others need to check in with the Guard from 7am-8pm and use the “Keypad” from 8pm-7am to enter by looking up the name of the resident, and pressing the “CALL” button on the Key pad, which will call the resident and allow them to open the gate by pressing "9" on their phone. 
  • The Main Exit gate is on automatic 24/7.
  • The Turnstone entrance gate is secured 24/7 and can be opened with your clicker between 7am & 8pm and is locked from 8pm-7am.
  • The Turnstone Exit gate is on automatic egress 24/7.
  • The Gates on Cypress Ridge Parkway by the Pro-Shop:
    • The Entrance gate is c licker operated only 24/7
    • The Exit gate is on automatic egress from dawn to dusk, and secured from dusk to dawn, as Cypress Ridge Golf Course locks their gate at Halcyon and Cypress Ridge Parkway at night.
  • Gate operation in case of power failure: All of our gates have battery back-ups in case of power failures.  All gates will move to the open position when the power goes out.

Please be aware of the following important information:

  • Please remind guests needing an overnight parking pass to request one, upon entry, from the Guard. For guests entering after 8pm please refer to item 6b of the Visitor Policy.
  • Gate clickers are now available for purchase at the Guardhouse. The Guard can also help you if a clicker is not functioning correctly and needs to be reprogrammed. Please stop by the Guardhouse between the hours of 7am and 8pm for assistance.
  • Door King (Keypad Directory) changes such as changing or adding additional phone numbers and names also need to be made through the Guardhouse. Please request your changes by emailing the Guardhouse; croaguardhouse@gmail.com.
  • General questions regarding Gate Key, such as how to add guests, service providers, and contact information can be now be answered by contacting the Guardhouse.
  • If you have lost or forgotten your Gate Key credentials please send your request including your full name and address by email; croaguardhouse@gmail.com
  • To add additional residents or a registered tenant to Gate Key, please send your request by email; croaguardhouse@gmail.com
  • If you need a parking exemption, go to Parking on the left vertical pane and scroll down to Parking Exemption Form.
  • Guardhouse phone # 474-7781.




      All Key Pad 4 digit entry codes have been deleted

  • During the hours from 7am-8pm, all people without clickers will have to be checked in by the Security Guards.
  • Those entering before and after these hours will have to use the “KEY PAD” to dial up the phone number of the residence they are going to. When the resident answers, they can press the number 9 on their phone to open the gate, if they choose.
  • Residents can have the Guard add their individual cell phones to the Key Pad. This way if they don’t have a Clicker with them after hours they can use the Key Pad to call their cell phone and press number 9 on their phone to open the gate.