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2018 Election Results

1400 Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
T. 805-544-9093 F.805-544-6215
August 25, 2018

Dear Cypress Ridge Owners,
On August 21, 2018 the Annual Meeting of the Members was held. Three members were elected to serve on the Board, each for a two-year term. Thanks to all of you who sent in your ballots and who attended the Member’s meeting. Please welcome your new Board of Directors:

Grace Nagel – President
Jim Wolfe – Vice President
John Kenny – Treasurer
Ted Gauldin – Secretary
Bob Hatmaker – Member at Large

The duly appointed Inspector(s) of Elections for Cypress Ridge Owners Associations Board of Directors election held on August 21, 2018 does hereby report as follows:
1. The number of members in good standing and entitled to vote was 386.
2. The number members represented in person, by ballot, and proxy was 189.
3. The total number of ballots received was 189.
4. A quorum existed, which was 97.
5. Confirmed the authenticity, validity and effect of each of the ballots and proxies.
6. The votes of members were received and tabulated.

The following represents the votes cast for Election of Directors:
Candidate on Ballot: Bob Hatmaker 183 Votes elected
John Kenny 272 Votes elected

Write-In Candidates:
Jim Wolfe 36 Votes elected
L. Bennett 2 Votes not elected
G. Deautremont 1 Vote not elected
A. Ameroso 1 Vote not elected
C. Andrea 6 Votes not elected
J. Germany 1 Vote not elected
S. Martinez 3 Votes not elected
J. Cable 3 Votes not elected
G. Nagel 1 Vote not elected – incumbent
B. Dorland 1 Vote not elected
S. Parker 1 Vote not elected
J. Mackey 1 Vote not elected
R. Retzloff 3 Votes not elected
B. Grant 3 Votes not elected
F. Surber 1 Vote not elected
J. Hughes 1 Vote not elected