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Visitor Policy

This Visitor Policy has been adopted by the Board of Directors of the Cypress Ridge Owners 
Association. The Board of Directors has established this policy to preserve the safety and security of the residents, to enhance the enjoyment of living in a gated community and to allow for the quick and efficient access for your visitors. Please follow the policy and provide gatehouse staff with the information they need to admit your visitors promptly. If your home is leased or rented, please review this policy with your tenants.
RESIDENTS are all property owners, tenants and/or other persons permanently residing in a housing unit within Cypress Ridge Owners Association (CROA).
AUTHORIZED NON‐RESIDENTS are employees or contractors of CROA or emergency personnel (such as fire fighters, law enforcement personnel, or ambulance drivers); government agencies (such as SLO County Health, Planning and Public Works, and State Fish and Game); employees of Golden State Water Co, Cypress Ridge Sewer Co, Cypress Ridge Golf Course, and Cypress Ridge Golf Academy. (Members of the Cypress Ridge Golf Academy are permitted to park in the outer lot across from the Guard House and 
walk in to go to the Golf Academy)
AUTHORIZED DELIVERY SERVICES are the United States Postal Service, Federal Express, UPS, process servers, retailers, and companies providing regular service for water softeners, bottled water, trash pickup and utilities.
VISITORS are any persons visiting a resident of    CROA. This includes non‐resident family members, guests, vendors, and service personnel. Examples of service personnel include health care providers, cleaning crews, window washers, and contractors such as plumbers, gardeners, repairmen and painters. For this policy, the terms ''VISITOR" and "GUEST" are used synonymously.
1.    Prior Authorization: In order to be admitted to CROA, all visitors must be authorized by a resident prior to entry. You may authorize visitors by notifying the Guard House using one of the following methods;
a.    By phone: (805) 474‐7781
b.    By fax: (805) 474‐7781
c.    By email: croaguardhouse@gmail.com
d.    By internet: https://www.gatekey.us/ or through the link on http://www.cypressridgeoa.org/
e.    Visitors that you have listed on your “GateKey” profile as “Permanent Guest” will be allowed to enter without any additional notification from the resident. (See 4a)
2.    Required Information: Provide the following information to the Gatehouse to authorize a visitor:
a.    Visitor's name
b.    Address of  their destination
c.    Approximate length of their stay. If a visitor is staying several days, providing information about the length of stay is especially important so that an extended Guest Pass can be issued.
d.    An overnight Parking Pass is needed for parking on the street or for three or more vehicles in the driveway. Vehicle make, model and license plate number are also needed.
3.    Visitors:
a.    A visitor who has prior authorization will be permitted through the gate. If you have not notified the gatehouse in advance of your guest's arrival, the Guard House staff will call you for authorization  to  admit  the  visitor.  If  the  Guard  House  staff  cannot  reach  you, your visitor will be refused entry.
b.    Each  admitted  vehicle  will  be  issued  a  Guest  Pass,  which  is  a  temporary  entry permit that shall be placed face up on the vehicle's dashboard at all times when the vehicle is within  CROA.  This  pass  indicates  the  dates  on  which  entry  is  authorized.  See  2d  for overnight parking passes.
c.    If  you  are  expecting  a  number  of  visitors  for  an  event,  please  provide  a  list of  your visitors to the gatehouse at least 24  hours  (preferably  48  hours) prior  to  the event to allow  for  faster  entry.  If  you  have  a  regular  group  that  meets  at  your  home  you may want to add them to your “Party Guest Pass” list on the GateKey system.
4.    Guest Passes ‐ Visitors will be issued a Guest Pass for the following purposes:
a.    Permanent Guest Pass for family members, friends who are frequent visitors and others who visit on a scheduled basis like housekeepers and gardeners should be registered on the “GateKey” system.   Note: All visitors on a resident's Permanent List will be allowed entry without any notification to the resident, unless you choose to be notified.
b.    Temporary Guest Pass usually applies to a single service call or a one‐ day visit, but may be  issued  for  an  extended  period  of  time  for  visitors  such  as  contractors.  To  renew a Temporary Guest Pass, contact the Guard House staff and   provide the required information. These names are valid for up to one year.
c.    Party Guest Pass for guest attending a party or gathering on a specific date (refer to the requirements in 3c above)
5.    Large Delivery Trucks: If you expect a large truck will be making a delivery to you, please direct the  delivery  truck to the Main gate  entrance and provide the Guard  House staff with the appropriate information in advance. All large trucks, trailers and RV’s over 9 feet tall need to use the outside lane at the Guard House to avoid hitting its rain gutter or roof.
6.    After Hours Access: To gain access  when the Guard House is closed, ask your visitors to use the Door King Telephone System which is located on the inside lane by the right side of the Guard House. Note: This process is to be used only when the Guard House is closed.
a.    Instruct your visitor to scroll through the residents' names to find your name and then press the “CALL” button. Your phone will ring.  When you answer and press "9" for a few seconds, the gate will open. The Door King system also transmits to cell phones if you have your cell phone number entered into the system. Please note: Residents may list more than one phone number in this system.
b.    When the Guard House reopens, you or your visitor(s) must report to the Guard House to obtain a Guest & or Parking Pass for the duration of their stay. (If they received a Parking Ticket overnight tell the Guard so they can correct it.)

1.    Homeowners will inform individuals residing in their unit about the requirements of this 
policy. If  the  unit  is  rented,  the  homeowner  shall  provide  the  requested  tenant  
information  to  the Guard   House   personnel.   In   addition,   the   homeowner   shall   review   the   CC&Rs,   Rules   & Regulations  and  this  Visitor  Policy  with  the  tenants.  If  there  are  any  questions,  contact  the Guard House at 805‐474‐7781 for clarification.
2.    If you are a new resident, complete a "New Resident Data Input" form which is available from the  Guard  House  staff  and  return  it  to  the  Guard  House  for  input  into  the  Guard  House “GateKey” resident database. For your frequent visitors, complete the section titled "Permanent Visitor  List"  and  the  individuals  listed  will  be  added  to  the  Guard  House  visitor  database.  The visitor(s) listed on this form will be issued a Guest Pass and permitted entry without the need for additional authorizations in the future.
3.    To add guests or remove guests from the Guard House visitor system, contact the Guard House by one of the methods documented in ADMISSION POLICY FOR VISITORS.
4.    Ask your visitors to obey the posted speed limits, to stop at stop signs, and to be 
respectful of others at intersections. Should your visitor be observed speeding or failing to stop at a stop sign, you will be notified and possibly fined.
5.    Do not allow your visitors to park their Recreational Vehicles within CROA. Communicate with your visitors about appropriate vehicle parking areas as specified in the CROA Parking Policy.
6.    Do  not  circumvent  the  CROA  Visitor  Policy  by  bringing  in  or  allowing  access  to 
unauthorized persons,  such  as  unauthorized  tailgating,  piggy‐back  or  smuggling  them  
through  the  gate without a Guest Pass. Doing so is a violation of this policy and may result in a fine.
7.    If  a  visitor  that  you  have  authorized  violates  the  Rules  of  the  Association  
and/or  damages common property, that visitor may be denied access in the future and you will be responsible for your guest's behavior, and any damage they may have caused.

1.    Realtors that are listing, showing or reviewing homes need to show their credentials and give location  of  the  home  that  they  are  going  too.  Guards  will  give  them  a  Temporary  Pass.  If meeting a client at a house, they must give the name of the client to the Guard in order for the client to receive a Temporary pass.
2.    Realtors that are holding “Open Houses” need to give the Guard the address and hours of the Open House.
3.    Visitors that are going to an Open House will be registered by the Guard and given a 
Temporary Pass.
4.    Visitors  that  want  to  drive  through  Cypress  Ridge  looking  for  houses  for  sale  
will  be  told  to contact a Realtor to get them to show them houses.