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CR Resident's Golf and Social Club

The Cypress Ridge Golf and Social Club (CRGSC) is an organization formed to enhance the enjoyment of golf and promote social interaction for the residents of Cypress Ridge and vicinity. Although we are a golf club, most of our activities are social which include winery events and social time before meetings (and during meetings). Many of our members do not play golf.

In addition to tournaments, CRGSC organizes an opportunity to play each Tuesday and Thursday morning at Cypress Ridge, and opportunities to play at other golf courses. Games are self-supporting and voluntary. Members participating in the golf activities shall maintain an official handicap. In addition, they must be a dues paying member with participation in at least five (5) CRGSC golfing events in the previous twelve months to play in home tournaments. Participation is open to CRGSC members, and guests/non-members on a space-available basis.

Membership in CRGSC is open to all residents at Cypress Ridge and vicinity. Membership is comprised of persons who have paid dues for the year. Dues are $100 per household per year and prorated at a quarterly rate for new members. The dues are primarily used to pay for rental of the Pavilion where we meet and partial costs of our Christmas dinner party and off-site events. Non-members may attend meetings and events for a fee.

Throughout the summer months CRGSC sponsors Sunday Couples Play on Sunday afternoons. These casual games consist of nine holes of golf. Many follow this with dinner at a local restaurant. This program is considered a community building activity and is open to anyone wishing to play. Handicaps are not necessary and all levels of skill are welcome.

CRGSC sponsors a Christmas Dinner Dance in December for its members. Guests and non-members may attend for a fee as space is available. CRGSC also supports the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Rally for Hope (provides free mammograms) Golf Tournament in July, Toys-4-Tots Drive, and other community programs.

The club meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month except: February, April, June, August, and November. We have various off-site events in May and September. July and December are also excepted as noted above.

CRRGC History
For further information contact:
PRESIDENT: Dennis Rhoads rhoadsd@att.net
PAST PRESIDENT: Tim Demma timdemma@gmail.com
TREASURER & MEMBERSHIP: Jack Dixon jack.dixon70@gmail.com
SECRETARY: Al Doran aldoran@charter.net
TUESDAY GOLF: Steve Moore sfmoore3@att.net; Jim Wolfe wolfejim@charter.net; Ted Gauldin ingauldin@charter.net; Dave Kerin DKerin@hotmail.com; Larry Firth lgfirth@gmail.com
THURSDAY GOLF: Bill Dorland wdorland805@charter.net
HOME TOURNAMENTS: Steve Moore sfmoore3@att.net
GROSSI INVITATIONAL: Dave Kerin DKerin@hotmail.com; Tim Demma timdemma@gmail.com; Rick Nadeau ssucop@gmail.com
AWAY GOLF TOURNAMENTS: Ted Gauldin ingauldin@charter.net
COUPLES GOLF: Tim Demma timdemma@gmail.com
RULES: Bob Conover rjcono@aol.com
MEETING COORDINATORS: Cynthia Cable CasaCable@charter.net; Carolyn Firth cbfirth54@gmail.com
2020 CRRGC Tournaments (Dates subject to change)
·         February 4: Match Play, up to 8 4-somes, shotgun start
·         May 5: Orange Ball, up to 10 3-somes, shotgun start
·         June 16: Three Way, up to 8 4-somes, all start on #1
·         July 28: Couples
·         August 18: Pinehurst, up to 8 foursomes, all start on #1
·         September 15: Four ball
·         October 6-8 CRRGC Championship, up to 8 foursomes, all start on #1
·         December 8: Holiday Classic, up to 8 foursomes, shotgun
2020 Away Tournaments (Dates subject to change)
·         April 4:  Paso Robles Golf Club
·         June 26:  Santa Maria Golf Club
·         August 27:   Morro Bay Golf Course
·         October 29:  The Mission Club