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HOAMCO contact - Sam Negley (snegley@hoamco.com) - (805) 944-5586
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 Notice Regarding Transfer of Property: 

Agent shall furnish materials relating to assessments upon receipt of notice from title companies.  Transfers of ownership shall be processed at a fee chargeable to the seller/buyer through escrow. The present fee being charged is $250.00 plus a documentation fee.  Documentation required from the Association for financing or refinancing of units shall be prepared by Agent at an additional fee to the borrower.  The present fee being charged is $100.00 plus documentation fees.  In the event a property’s ownership is transferred to a bank, mortgage holder or third party (investor), the fee when unit is transferred from bank, mortgage holder or third party (investor) to new owner is currently $425.00.  A onetime transfer fee of $100.00 will be charged to the developer for each initial sale at close of escrow.
If your gate clicker needs a battery, it is an A23 12 volt Alkaline battery