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Landscape Committee

Committee Members: Beth Stewart, Linda Thuman, Laurie Ellison, Liam Bennett,
Kimberley Gouda and Cherie Edmonds

The Landscape Committee's purpose is to ensure that design and maintenance for all residential and homeowner association outdoor spaces are in compliance with the CC&Rs and Design Guidelines. In addition, the Committee interfaces with Cypress Ridge Golf Course regarding mutual landscaping issues.
Landscape Committee Responsibility

The following items fall under the jurisdiction of the Landscape Committee (LC). If your topic is not listed below, refer to the Architecture Review Committee (ARC) page.
  • Plants and Landscape Design/Layout
New home landscape design
Requires review and approval prior to any work being started. Complete a Request Form. (See below). We recommend that you do not purchase any plants prior to plan approval. When you do get approval, print the list of Prohibited Plants and Recommended Plants and give to your contractor. See below for the plant lists.
Change to existing landscaping
If you are simply replacing plants with like or similar plants you do not need prior approval. However, if the LC determines that a prohibited plant(s) was planted, you will be asked to remove it.
If you are making changes to the existing approved landscaping "footprint" that will change the way the yard appears, then you must submit a Request Form (found below) and go through the approval process before beginning any work or purchasing any plants. If you proceed without approval, you may be asked to remove unapproved items.

For a list of prohibited and suggested plants, click HERE

  • Trees
Prior approval is required for all trees.
If the wrong tree is planted in the wrong place there could be potential damage to walks, streets, driveways, fences, and houses. You would be responsible for repairing all damage. To avoid that possibility we require that all trees be approved prior to purchasing and planting. If an inappropriate tree is planted without approval, you may be asked to remove the tree(s).
Trees must be trimmed to a minimum of seven (7) feet above walkways and  streets.
  • Sprinklers
  • Flat work or Hardscape including concrete, flagstone pavers, regular pavers, etc.
  • Water features
  • Play structures
  • Landscape lighting
The prohibited list was based on CR developers, the CR golf course and the SLO County’s prohibited plant material list. We suggest that you take the list with you to the nursery. Make it easy on yourself & the Landscape Committee and please don’t plant prohibited plants, as you will be asked to remove them. 
  • All categories of invasive ground cover.
  • Spanish Broom (Spartium junceum)
  • Heavily reseeding plants      
  • Monterrey Pines
  • Mexican Feather Grass        
  • Blue Gum Eucalyptus
  • Pampass Grass           
  • Palms
  • Tree of Heaven (Ailantus altissima)     
  • Italian Cypress
  • Giant Reed (Arundo donax)  
  • Lava Rock (any color) & White Rock with sparkles
San Luis Obispo County Prohibited Plants --  These are invasive and a danger to our native habitat. The California Invasive Plant Council (www.cal-ipc.org) has information for the Central Coast with specific plants and pictures & the specific reasons why they are a problem.  Go to www.cal-ipc.org/landscaping.  Click on  Central Coast on the map. 
  • Ornamental Grasses --
Pampas grass or jubatagrass Cortaderia selloana & C. jubata
Green fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum).  
  • Ground Covers --
Algerian ivy or English ivy Hedera helix or Hedera caneriensi.s
            Hottentot fig or iceplant Carpobrotus edulis
            Periwinkle Vinca major
  • Trees --
            Tree of heaven Ailanthus altissima,
             Blue gum eucalyptus Eucalyptus globulus,
             Russian olive Elaeagnus angustifolia, or saltcedar Tamarix spp
If you have a landscape request for your property, click HERE
If you have a landscape question or wish to report a problem, click HERE. Be specific of what and where the problem is.