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Water Conservation
On April 7, 2017, Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order lifting the drought emergency for most of the state, while asking Californians to continue using water responsibly and make conservation a way of life. On Friday (June 23, 2017), the Nipomo Mesa Management Area Technical Group released an update that the Nipomo area remains in a severe water shortage condition, as indicated by groundwater data analyzed at key wells in the region. Go to the Golden State Water website for more information. http://www.gswater.com/santa-maria/
Due to local conditions as stated above, the Cypress Ridge water system continues to have mandatory water-use restrictions to achieve a 36% reduction, compared to 2013. Outdoor irrigation is limited to two days per week and must occur before 8 am or after 7 pm, and should not exceed 10 minutes per station.
Watering Days (Even Address) Mon, Thu
Watering Days (Odd Address) Tues, Fri
Cypress Ridge residents are reminded that state law
permanently prohibits the following actions that waste potable water:
  • Hosing off sidewalks, driveways and other hardscapes.
  • Washing a motor vehicle with a hose, unless the hose is fitted with a shut-off nozzle.
  • Operating a fountain or decorative water feature, unless the water is part of a recirculating system.
  • Watering outdoor landscapes in a manner that causes excess runoff, or within 48 hours following measurable precipitation.

Email Problems?
If you are not receiving emails from info@cypressridgeoa.org, be sure you allow your spam blocker to accept emails from info@cypressridgeoa.org and/or make sure your email is correct by updating your information in Your Profile just above the Welcome sign on the very top left of this page. Additionally, you can add another email in your profile in Second Residents Information.

Important Association Notices
“Recently members of CROA were mailed a notice that the Association has filed a court petition to approve the two CC&R amendments that we voted on last year.  If approved, the first would empower the Association to agree with the Golf Course to repair some portions of the permitter fencing along El Campo, to landscape the main entrance, and to spend Association funds for these purposes.  The second clarifies that the responsibility for repair or replacement of boundary fencing between CROA property and adjoining homeowners is the sole responsibility of the homeowner (except for fencing at the ball park erected by CROA, which remains the responsibility of CROA).  Although over 60% of all homeowners voted to approve the amendments, the CC&Rs require a 67% approval vote.  California law permits a court to approve CC&R amendments if over 50% of all owners vote to approve, if it agrees that they are in the best interest of the association. Hence the petition.
Some members have requested to see the entire filing, which can be found by following this link."
Body - Click HERE
Exhibits - Click HERE
Other documents - Click HERE
Order After Hearing - Click HERE
Did you know that Cypress Ridge is a Cliff & Barn Swallow nesting site? The Swallows return here each year.  They feed on mosquitoes and other bugs and help us have a bug free spring and summer. 

The Federal Migratory Bird Protection Act of 1918 protects Swallows.

  • It is illegal to destroy a completed nest between Feb.15 - Sept.1
  • Old nests vacated by the birds may be removed after Sept. 1st.

U.C. Davis has information on preventing swallow colonies at www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES

  • Scroll down to "Birds, mammals, and reptiles: Verterate pests".  
  • Click on "Cliff Swallows".

 How do you spot a Swallow’s nest?  Look for clumps of mud near the eaves of the house.  Nests under construction may be removed using high power water to knock down the mud – make sure you get all the mud off the house.  An incomplete nest looks like a quarter or half cup & may have eggs in it.  You may need a ladder to check out the nest.  If it does not have eggs in it, then you can knock it down.  The Swallows will try to rebuild the nests you knock down so, be diligent about removing the mud before it builds up, but always check to make sure there are no eggs in the nest.